Member call No. 16: 7 excellent questions from strata manager Donovan

Assistant strata manager Donovan had been saving up all the ‘hard’ questions for just this call!  The call is jam-packed with practical information for strata managers and committee members alike, including my answers to Donovan’s questions about by-law enforcement, committee meetings, defects warranty periods, subdividing common property and more. Here are the links to the […]

Member call no. 15: Helping Carol to ‘painlessly’ tender for new strata management

In this call, I arm Carol with the tools, resources and contacts that will help her successfully put her building’s strata management contract out to tender. As an owner in a small Western Australian strata scheme, Carol is also concerned to understand the correct legal procedure for council (committee) meetings. We talk about the specific […]

Member call no. 14: Dean deals with wheel clamping in his WA building

Dean is an owner in a Western Australian strata scheme. His strata council has taken to wheel clamping visitors parked in the designated visitor-parking area, should they overstay their welcome. Dean asks: does the strata company need a by-law to be able to do this? (they don’t have one). Is it legal for the strata […]

Member call No. 11 Henry gets help with difficult tenants, and more

Henry comes to us from Victoria with a few challenges relating to tenants who fail to comply with the by-laws. I arm him with strategies to combat the bad behaviour, including methods for communicating effectively with the property manager/leasing agent. We also discuss CCTV and how the installation of CCTV sits comfortably with a ‘right […]

Member call no. 10: Bruce wants to overhaul a ‘rusted on’ committee

Bruce is an owner and committee member in a NSW scheme that is functioning reasonably well, but is ready for some revitalising after 17 years. This includes bringing fresh ideas to the strata committee. In this call, I give Bruce some strategies for how he might assist an ‘ok’ strata committee transition to a ‘great’ […]

Member call no. 8: Natalie proceeds to NCAT after 4 years of water penetration

In this call, I consider Natalie’s proposal to seek NCAT orders requiring her owners corporation to repair and maintain the common property. The building’s failure to do so for almost 4 years has resulted in water penetration to Natalie’s two bedrooms. We discuss the relevant sections of the NSW legislation and my recommendations for what […]

Member call no. 7: Greg discovers the superpower held by a committee secretary

In this call, I help Greg – an owner and committee secretary – who is having trouble getting various initiatives past his fellow committee members. I point out to him a very handy section of the NSW legislation which grants considerable power to a committee secretary. We also discuss the terms of a “diplomatic” campaign […]

Member call no. 5: strata manager Sean asks the hard questions about proxies, co-owners and special levies

In this jam-packed call, I help Sean – a strata owner turned strata manager – navigate the tricky areas of proxies, co-owner voting rights, AGM notices and special levies. This is an excellent call to tune in to if you’re the secretary of a self-managed scheme or a strata manager at any level. We refresh on the important basics but also get into some technical areas that even the most experienced of us need to stop and consider from time to time.

Member call no. 2: Elizabeth and repairs to common property

In this call, I give Elizabeth a step by step guide to dealing with a difficult strata committee that does not want to repair her broken windows. I explain the path she needs to lay to ensure her Tribunal application has the best chance of success. .

Member call no. 1: Marissa and common property rights by-laws

In this call, I walk Marissa through the process of amending a common property rights by-law, so that she can enclose the outdoor seating area for her restaurant. We also discuss the need for council approval, and what to do about installing a sign.