Reena is a multi-award winning Sydney-based strata manager who has been serving our sector for almost 20 years.

Reena’s management experience began during her early days as a pharmacist in retail pharmacy prior to working her way up in the strata industry. Until September 2016, Reena was the General Manager and Licensee-in-Charge of Dynamic Property Services (DPS) a multi award winning strata company. She worked with DPS for over 13 years. In 2013  the Prudential Investment Company of Australia (PICA) acquired DPS. In 2016 PICA appointed her an Associate Director. Always evolving, Reena commenced her own strata management practice, Strata Central, in 2018.

As managing director of Strata Central, Reena is driven by a desire to offer another level of excellence in strata management service.

As a regular co-host on the Your Strata Property podcast, Reena is respected for her ‘no-nonsense’ approach to difficult problems and is always generous in sharing her extensive on-the-ground experience.

Reena Van Aalst Strata Central

Reena Van Aalst

Managing Director of Strata Central

Gordon is an ice hockey playing engineer from Canada. He spends his working hours in his software company specialising in the jewellery industry.

Gordon says he likes to “build stuff”, can code HTML, invests in property, plays with technology and loves adventure travel. Gordon has lived in strata for 20 years. Gordon is currently the chairman of 3 strata buildings and a strata representative to the country’s largest community title scheme.  Gordon’s focus in residential strata is improving livability and sustainability for all stakeholders through value-adding projects that often involve technology.

Gordon Streight

Owner, committee member, investor, resident

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