Charles Vogl supports leaders in technology, finance and government grow more effective in creating change.

Using principles drawn from 3000 years of spiritual traditions, he teaches how to build critical connections for leadership that impacts generations.

In his 20s, Charles served in the U.S. Peace Corps in northern Zambia. There, he witnessed inspirational community inside his rural village. After the Peace Corps, Charles founded Broken English Productions in New York City. His PBS projects touch on topics such as education, school reform and civil rights advocacy. His film work won many awards including the Amnesty International prestigious “Movies That Matter” award.

He is the author of three books, his first book, the international bestseller The Art of Community shares how both community and belonging can be built through time-tested principles and rituals. The book is a guide to creating meaningful communities that enrich both individuals and humanity. It won a Nautilus Book Award for Business and Leadership writing. His latest book, Building Brand Communities, speaks specifically to organization leaders connecting the people important for success.

Charles is also an advisor to Google’s global performance and health programs and a member of the Google Vitality Lab where he collaborates to innovate healing in our era.

Charles Vogl, author of The Art of Community

Charles Vogl

Author: The Art of Community

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