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Get Access to Your Strata Records

A common complaint of strata property owners is that they can’t get proper, or complete, access to their building’s books and records.

These template letters can be relied on to remind your strata manager or strata committee of their obligations under the NSW strata law

Our Meeting Templates

Planning to convene a strata meeting without the assistance of a strata manager? You’ll need to ensure your meeting agenda complies with the strict legal NSW legal requirements.  These templates will help. 

We also have sample motions, including the correct format of a request to convene a general meeting.  

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Get Confident in the Tribunal

You don’t need a lawyer to represent you in the Tribunal. You CAN do it alone, but you DO need support. 

The below templates have been relied on by NSW strata owners successfully representing themselves in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. 

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Need help paying your strata levies?

In NSW, owners corporations are obliged to consider payment plans for owners struggling to keep up with their strata levies. 

You can get on the front foot, by accessing one of our template Payment Plans.

Amanda Farmer - Strata Lawyer

Host of the Your Strata Property podcast

Fellow of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers

All of our Templates are Drafted by an Experienced Strata Lawyer

Hi, I’m Amanda Farmer, and I’ve been serving strata property owners for more than 20 years.

Over that time, I’ve seen thousands of owners struggling to get access to quality, affordable legal support at a time when they need it most: when they’re trying to live happily in their own homes.

To help solve this problem, I’ve opened up my own personal library of strata law templates, so you can more easily access the everyday tools and resources I know you need to live more peacefully in strata.

I also lead a large online membership community of strata owners (and strata managers) committed to improving their experience of strata living every day. I’d love for you to join us.

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How Our Templates Are Helping Strata
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“I'm feeling so

jasmine zhang, Strata Owner

“I used your template to request the strata roll today and I’m feeling so empowered. Thank you Amanda. I also used the no-smoking by-law template and now my neighbour goes to the street to smoke!”

“As if I'd been doing this for years”

Geoff Hallam, Real Estate agent

“The detailed information and templates made it seem as if I had been doing this for years. The Tribunal templates allowed us to submit a strong application that was dificult to challenge by the respondent and their lawyers.”

"The motion passed at the EGM"


“The [air conditioning by-law] template was very easy to read and understand, making it easier to get approved and allowing similar lot owners to be able to do the same thing.”

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