I’m bringing you an edited version of my Facebook LIVE event of Tuesday evening: your need-to-know for NSW strata in lockdown, including:


and more.

Also, listen closely to find out how to access your “Strata Lockdown Essential Guide”. 

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  1. Yes there is a requirement for 72 hours notice for a SC meeting but on top of that is the time to get that notice to owners.
    Email is all well and good for sending that notice to owners but as soon as there is an owner who still gets their notices by hard copy in the mail then we are looking at the Interpretation Act ‘rule’ that something in the mail is deemed served after 7 business days.
    So the time-frame to hold a SC meeting in closer to two weeks in those circumstances.

    And Zoom can be problematic in that often an OC is required to sign up for a subscription that goes way beyond the needs of the client. If an OC just wants a meeting or two and the free Zoom doesn’t meet the time-frame the meeting is expected to run then Zoom wants an OC to subscribe to a plan that is overkill.

    1. Thanks, Stephen, worth noting: in a building of 100 lots or less, a notice of committee meeting needs only go on the notice board. It does not need to be sent to all owners. Minutes, however, do need to be sent to all owners. Confusingly, it’s the other way around for large schemes – 101 lots or more.

  2. I wish someone had asked “If I am a lot owner and I pay for a strata roll inspection during a lockdown, can the strata manager effectively say that the Correspondences folder can’t be accessed via internet and it is only accessible on the computers in the office reception area which is closed.” They sure like to make it hard to access the correspondences, which I have previously done once and unsurprisingly been disappointed (i.e. a section of the software holding thousands of e-mails with no search functionality)!

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