Getting Solar Approved for your Strata Building

Watch the replay of Amanda Farmer’s webinar, delivered on Thursday 29 April 2021

Amanda covers:
– the new NSW legislation making solar approvals easier for lot owners and owners corporations
– the 4 things owners corporations MUST consider when approving solar installations 
– a surprising fact about “sustainable infrastructure resolutions”
and more. 

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The Solar for Strata


ENDS in:


The strata law in NSW has changed…

Apartment and townhouse owners wanting to enjoy the benefits of solar power must now comply with specific legal requirements to ensure that their solar proposal is approved without a hitch.

Amanda Farmer’s Solar for Strata Legal Toolkit contains everything you need to successfully plan, propose and gain approval for your solar installation. 

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The Solar for Strata Legal Toolkit

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What our members are saying...

"When I look to the future as a strata owner, I feel positive. I feel uplifted. I feel confident to progress and to deal with any issue that comes my way"
Cait McCue
Strata owner

“I’ve become empowered with knowledge that’s helped me to not think of this situation as anxiety-provoking anymore. It’s just a project in the background of the rest of my life. Now, I don’t feel anxious. I don’t feel depressed. I don’t feel scared. I feel like this is a situation to be resolved.

Without Amanda and her membership, I would probably be in a ball rolling on the floor. I would be unsure and uncertain of what to do.I would be anxiously trying to get information. I’d be Googling. I’d be asking my friends, and they don’t know any more than I do. In fact, they know a lot less now because I’ve got Amanda Farmer’s expertise on my side.”

"Remembering all the idiosyncrasies of the law and its interpretation is difficult. I feel much more informed to do what I am doing as well as I can"
Bruce Davis
Strata committee member

“I think for me it offers more knowledge rather than just opinion.  I’ve been more informed when talking to other committee members or lot owners.

The membership offers so much information for anybody living in strata that it definitely would’ve been worthwhile for me to have had years earlier. And I don’t see myself giving it up any time soon either; there’s just so much to gain. I don’t know anybody who lives in strata who doesn’t have some issues.

Remembering all the idiosyncrasies of the law and its interpretation is difficult. I feel much more informed to do what I am doing as well as I can.”

"We have a tool to help us minimise risk and point us in the right direction"

Maria Casey
Strata manager

The information is great value for money.  Before becoming members we would often consider obtaining legal advice to confirm our understanding of an issue however the cost would be prohibitive. Because we pay a subscription we never think twice about whether it is worth us asking a question.

There is definite comfort knowing we have a tool to help us minimise risk and to point us in the right direction to assist our clients.”