Getting Solar Approved for your Strata Building

In this webinar, Amanda covers:
– the new NSW legislation making solar approvals easier for lot owners and owners corporations
– the 4 things owners corporations MUST consider when approving solar installations 
– a surprising fact about “sustainable infrastructure resolutions”
and more. 

See below for your access to the Solar for Strata Legal Toolkit Amanda talks about on the webinar…

This video: Amanda's key point summary of the new NSW law and a peek inside the Solar for Strata Legal Toolkit...

The strata law in NSW has changed…

Apartment and townhouse owners wanting to enjoy the benefits of solar power must now comply with specific legal requirements to ensure that their solar proposal is approved without a hitch.

Amanda Farmer’s Solar for Strata Legal Toolkit contains everything you need to successfully plan, propose and gain approval for your solar installation, including:

  • template motions and a by-law for individual owners wanting to install solar to service their property 

  • template motions for owners corporations wanting to install solar to service the common property OR lots and common property

  • template motions to ensure compliance with section 132B in the Strata Schemes Management Act: the 4 things owners corporations MUST consider before approving sustainability infrastructure 

  • the correct voting thresholds necessary to achieve a legal “sustainability infrastructure resolution”

  • sample plans and technical specifications to attach to your motions and by -law

  • a list of independent additional resources