NSW (finally) has a set of public health orders specific to apartment buildings. 
But…they’re not quite what we were asking for.
I outline the new and rather onerous obligations on strata managers and others ‘managing’ residential buildings that are forced into hard lockdown.
I’m also giving you access to my new resource, helping you help your buildings through the challenging months ahead. 

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  1. Thanks Amanda

    I’m not the Secretary as he lives overseas he rents his Lot but we only have the Real Estate name not the tenant.
    There is a Real Estate agent managing another Lot, the owner is not in the committee but according to the Strata Roll managed by the Strata manager the strata roll is not accurate because the tenant moved out 1 year ago and the name of the new tenant is not on the Strata Roll.
    The Chairperson lives in the building and he should know the name of the tenants and be aware of the legislation the same as the Strata Manager as we pay a great amount of money for its service.
    Lucky we have only 4 Lots on the building so it would not be that difficult to communicate with the people living in the building by jus leaving a note outside their door.

    Thanks again!!


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