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The laws that regulate our strata properties  have always been complex and are often changing. With people now spending more time in their homes than ever before, we are confronted with new challenges, and new opportunities.

It’s time to arm ourselves with the knowledge, tools and resources we need to ensure PEACEFUL and PROFITABLE community living.

The Your Strata Property Online Membership Community puts the knowledge, tools and resources at your fingertips.

Watch the Replay of the By-Laws Webinar!

Amanda shares how you can use by-laws to combat bad behaviour and restore peace to your strata community. 

This webinar delivered LIVE on Tuesday 21 September. 

Access the slides here

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Access Your Strata Support System

Q & A Forum

VALUE: $770+

Unlimited access to the ONLY online Forum where a qualified, practising strata lawyer is on call to answer your questions 

Templates and eBooks library

VALUE: $3,370

Your suite of by-law, meeting and letter templates + eBooks with need-to-know legal updates

Member Call

VALUE: $1,100

A 1 hour, one-on-one call with strata lawyer Amanda Farmer

Webinar library

VALUE: $236

Unlimited access to all past webinars

Every Shared Space Summit Session

VALUE: $597

Unlimited access to all 8 sessions from the Shared Space Summit + the Summit Souvenir Playbook

Video library

VALUE: $770+

All podcast videos, member calls and legal updates 

Member-only opportunities


First and member-only access to events and opportunities

Discounts on events and courses

VALUE: $600+

Members-only pricing on events, resources and opportunities

Supportive community


A community of like minded owners, managers and sector supporters


The QandA Forum

Templates and eBooks library

Member call

Webinar library 

Shared Space Summit Sessions

Video library

Discounts on events and courses











That's total value of more than $7,400!

The great news is that Your Strata Property Membership is just a FRACTION of that:

Join us for just 

$49/month (cancel anytime) 


$490 a year (that’s 2 months FREE!)


What our members are saying...

" I feel positive. I feel uplifted. I feel confident"
Cait Morrison
Strata owner

“I’ve become empowered with knowledge that’s helped me to not think of this situation as anxiety-provoking anymore. It’s just a project in the background of the rest of my life. Now, I don’t feel anxious. I don’t feel depressed. I don’t feel scared.

Without Amanda and her membership, I would probably be in a ball rolling on the floor. I would be unsure and uncertain of what to do. I would be anxiously trying to get information. I’d be Googling. I’d be asking my friends, and they don’t know any more than I do. In fact, they know a lot less now because I’ve got Amanda Farmer’s expertise on my side.”

"I feel much more informed to do what I am doing as well as I can"
Bruce Davis
Strata committee member

“I think for me it offers more knowledge rather than just opinion.  I’ve been more informed when talking to other committee members or lot owners.

The membership offers so much information for anybody living in strata that it definitely would’ve been worthwhile for me to have had years earlier. And I don’t see myself giving it up any time soon either; there’s just so much to gain. I don’t know anybody who lives in strata who doesn’t have some issues.

"Help us minimise risk and point us in the right direction"

Maria Casey
Strata manager

The information is great value for money.  Before becoming members we would often consider obtaining legal advice to confirm our understanding of an issue however the cost would be prohibitive. Because we pay a subscription we never think twice about whether it is worth us asking a question.

There is definite comfort knowing we have a tool to help us minimise risk and to point us in the right direction to assist our clients.” 

Frequently asked questions:

If you have checked out all that a YSP membership has to offer and you’ve decided you want to join our community, that’s great! We can’t wait to welcome you. Your next step should be to choose your payment option above (yearly or monthly – note that if you pay for the year upfront, you receive a discount equivalent to two monthS free). Click on your preferred option above and follow the prompts to complete the check out process.

It doesn’t hurt to try!

If you are a committee member in a NSW strata or community scheme, you may be entitled to an “honorarium” – a small annual payment for your services as a committee member. Some YSP members who are also committee members ensure that the cost of their YSP membership is covered by their honorarium. If you’d like to find out more about how to claim an honorarium as a committee member, please contact Amanda

We are currently only offering individual memberships. If your building is interested in a ‘building wide’ membership, please let us know via and, subject to the level of interest, we will consider offering YSP memberships to buildings. 

Once your membership has been purchased online, you will receive an email from us confirming your username and password and directing you to log in to the member home page. Once there, you will be able to watch our introductory video. We also have a number of “help” videos within the membership, explaining how to get the most out if your membership.

Many strata managers are currently enjoying the benefits of a YSP membership. Strata managers are welcome addition to our community.

Yes, we tailor packages for developers looking to add value to their potential purchasers. Developers should contact us directly on to disucss their specific development and intentions. 

Yes. Unless you tell us otherwise, your membership will renew on the renewal date. 

Yes. Payments are deducted from your credit card one month in advance. If you cancel your monthly membership, we will not debit your card the next month. 

Yes, you can certainly join. However, please note that, at this point in time, our products and information services are not directed towards the specific concerns of tenants of strata properties, though you will find that a lot of our content is relevant to your day to day experience living in a strata building. 

Although Amanda Farmer is qualified as a NSW lawyer, many members join us from other states and gain great benefit from the membership. Amanda also regularly refers member questions to expert colleagues in other states.