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  1. Twice my Local Council was much better than the Tribunal because The Tribunal do not bother to investigate if the person is telling the truth.
    2007 the Strata Manager as a compulsory one was trying to chop a tree under the pretext that it was a weed with Woollahra Council’s approval even if the site is not located in Woollahra.
    2010 We had a fire certifier that it was not interested on our safety but to sell us items that we did not need.
    2012 we decided to go to the proper authority “our Local Waverley Council” and asked for advice. Luckily John Wakefield was the Mayor and we had a Council officer to advise us.
    After 2013 the council stopped helping us because according to the former Mayor Sally Betts it did not have anything to do with the council but strata.
    If we complain about bad strata managers is because we know that there are better ways of solving our problems.
    I know that some Strata Managers are good but there are others that should not be in business.

    Wishing you and your family a Great Christmas!!


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