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    Amanda, from time to time the Committee sends a tradie to repair common property on my lot.

    When a tradie enters my lot am I entitled to ask for:

    (1) insurance

    (2) first and last name

    (3) licences

    (4) ID

    I’ve checked licences in the past and found them lacking.  But i imagine i should be entitled to know who exactly is on my lot etc.

    What certificates of the main contractors’ subbies, should the SC or BM also hold?, eg ID, insurance, licences etc.  One of our main contractors has a ‘colourful’ parade of subbies who i suspect or not licenced or even insured.

    thanks a lot, Miss


    Amanda Farmer

    Hi Miss,

    Unless in an emergency, the OC’s tradies cannot enter your lot without your permission.

    The list you set out above seems to me to be a reasonable condition of giving that permission.

    Yes, the Owners Corporation should only be engaging appropriately licensed and properly insured contractors. Licenses can be checked against the Fair Trading public register. Copies of insurances should be requested.

    Strata managers usually have a process whereby they check licenses etc and some even subscribe to a software service (Ebix Trades Monitor) that helps them do this.

    Contracting with unlicensed, uninsured contractors usually renders the contract invalid/unenforceable – not to mention the risk of substandard work being carried out.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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