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    Hello Amanda and team,

    I asked our Strata Manager for certain correspondence to which the Manager responded that the committee wrote directly and didn’t include the Manager in the correspondence so the Manager doesn’t have it.

    Should the Manager ask the committee for the correspondence and supply it to me?

    Or do i write to the committee directly (even though the Manager is the registered address for correspondence)?

    As the correspondence is part of the Strata records no matter where the correspondence physically resides, eg on the Manager’s computer, the Committee member’s computer or a shoe box  i’m still entitled to see it.

    How do i ask to access it?

    What does the Act say on this?

    thank you,



    Hi Miss,

    If the strict requirements of the Act are adhered to, you would need to arrange an inspection of the records to view this correspondence (and the committee would need to ensure that it is made available to you when you do inspect).

    If they don’t, legally you would then seek orders from the Tribunal under s188 to be given those records.


    Thanks for that Amanda,

    I appreciate what you say about records inspection.

    But . . .

    As the Strata Manager says she doesn’t hold the records the individual committee member does are you suggesting that

    Via the Strata Manager i ask to inspect the committee members files?

    Or I advise the Strata Manager to obtain the records from the committee member for me to inspect?

    Or i approach the Committee member directly and ask to inspect his files?

    I know they are not keen on me seeing the files

    thank you, miss




    Hi Miss,

    Ultimately the should be presented to you when you arrange the inspection. If the strata manager/committee needs to arrange for emails to be collected and presented as part of the records you are entitled to inspect, then that is up to them to work out.

    You could approach this any of the 3 ways you suggested. In my opinion, if the strata manager is facilitating the search, they should ask the committee members to provide them the records so they can include them in the records the strata manager presents.


    thanks so much

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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