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    Strata Help

    Hi, this is the most bizarre situation. Our lot is 40 years old. Bathrooms had skylights installed – ours just was leaking through on one side, full of mould and the shield of the skylight had deteriorated no longer allowing light in. So we asked the council if they would replace it. They started after a few conversations that they didn’t believe it was SC responsibility. The bathroom has no windows so part of building regs was you had to have other sources of light in that type of room. Nevertheless, we replaced it with as close a match to cover the hole. P.S they don’t make the ones we had 40. We informed the strata manager that we would replace it – they also said just let us know too – as they will be on the roof. We then have been instructed to remove it as it’s not in keeping. It does not detract from the appearance. The council are doing this for other reasons.

    Amanda Farmer

    Hi Strata Help,

    How frustrating. Do you have anything in writing from the manager/council telling you to go ahead and just do it? If so, and assuming there were no conditions attached to that ‘approval’ to go ahead (ie: they did not say: ‘make sure it’s in keeping…’) then I suggest you try taking the position that you had permission to do this work and you did it on the terms approved: no conditions attached.


    Strata Help

    Thank you for your reply. No conditions, no mention of anything. Just due of care for the contractor. Understand what your referring to. What I am assuming is that this very experienced PM may not of realized our council members would go down this path. The replacement skylight had to fit inside as well. If it gets down to it in going to ask if it can be placed on the next AGM for approval by all owners. 18 months ago I instigated a process were 3 owners had unapproved patios and alterations to a couple of front doors which had no local government plans or permits. So pretty severe. As a  council member then…I suggested they seek all the required documentation and retrospective approval permits. This was then approved by all owners. What I said was you did the wrong thing but let’s get it legal. SAT will be my last resort – to ask a member to look at our minor issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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