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    Leo 0708

    Hi Amanda

    This is historic event over 12 years that has an impact to OC today.

    This took place before my time. No records are kept on file about this matter. I know that it caused my angst and was a very costly exercise to the OC.

    There were water leaks from Unit 3 into Unit 1. These leaks led to the OC paying for the renovations of the bathroom of Unit 3. The entire bathroom was renovated and since then the Owner of this unit argues that any ongoing issues not even related to the original problem is at the OCs expense as it was done by the OC?

    At this time the pipe from the wall to her toilet bowl due to age has a small seepage. She has again asked that this be covered by the OC.

    Question. Does the OC continue to cover any works done in her bathroom as they renovated it?




    Amanda Farmer

    Hi Leo, I think you posted this twice. I have answered it here:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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