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    Hi Amanda,

    A special levy was about to be struck to address longstanding significant building repairs that relate to structure, permeability and safety.

    An SC member has asked that the levy be deferred due to the recent, unexpected world situation, the chance that some owners may find themselves without work and the stress this would cause.

    All owners have known about the problems for years and half have been very resistant for years to any levy increases to address the issues. Those who would like to proceed are deeply concerned about delaying the work indefinitely, for a variety of reasons.

    The situation is creating a huge divide and considerable stress, as well as unpleasantness. Is there a way we can move forward with our responsibilities and come up with a solution that doesn’t cause further stress for any individual? Is there scope for an SC to exercise judgement and defer necessary works at times like this?


    Hi Anna,

    Check out today’s webinar where we talked about topics such as levy collection in these times.

    The strata committee could decide, in accordance with section 85 of the Act, not to charge interest on unpaid levies (I’d suggest doing so for say 3-6 months). They could also make a decision not to undertake debt recovery action at this time.

    They can’t make a decision to repeal the special levy. That would require a general meeting.

    If the issue is truly contentious, I’d suggest calling a general meeting to deal with the issue. One motion to repeal the special levy and another to waive interest.

    This meeting could be held via an online vote, email etc. depending on what methods your strata scheme has approved. I won’t go down that rabbit hole as that is a whole different discussion (which we had in today’s webinar!).

    Amanda Farmer

    Hi Anne, +1 to ts1904 above. Here is the direct link to the webinar:

    Have a watch and please do let us know of any further questions on this important issue.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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