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    Amanda –

    At mediation, my OC agreed to pay a plumber’s invoice.

    It didn’t.

    So I’m off to NCAT – but as I understand it NCAT can’t issue orders for payment.

    How do I get through this?

    The details are the OC authorised work at my property; the work was not done properly – there is no dispute there – as a result of the poor work that the OC authorised and paid for it caused another small problem.  The agreement was that if the small problem, was found to be a result of the OC’s authorised work, it would pay.  They’ve had invoices and ignored it.

    I’ve quoted NCAT SSMA 106 Duty of OC to repair and maintain.

    Anything else I should know.

    Thank you, Miss

    Amanda Farmer

    Hi Miss,

    Ah – now I’m with you on the “payment” point [see my earlier answer to your separate post].

    In my view, NCAT has power to make orders that deal with payments under section 232. Our Court of Appeal recently said in this case (Vickery) that this is a very broad order-making power. Cite that section in your application.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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