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    Monday  26 October 2020

    Dear Amanda

    Leaking shower wets the wall of the bedroom 2 and carpet

    Bathroom Leaking shower

    Original bathroom ‚Äď The bathroom is original.¬† The wall is made of cement.¬† There are tiles all over the bathroom from below up to the chin¬† of a 5 feet tall standing person.¬† The bathroom is next to bedroom 2.¬† The wall of the bathroom with the shower is in the side of the wall of bedroom 2. The bathtub is in the side of the wall of the bedroom 2.¬† The shower is in the wall on top of the bathtub.¬† The position of the shower is more than the height of a 5 feet person standing plus¬† the height of extra five tiles vertical and four tiles horizontal apart from the tiles up to the chin of a 5 feet.

    Walls of the bathroom РThe walls of the bathroom are tiles.  The height of the walls with tiles is up to the neck of a five feet tall standing person.  There are additional five tiles vertical and four horizontal in the position of shower.

    Bedroom 2 wall next to bathroom wall with shower ‚Äst The walls of bedroom 2 next to bathroom wall with the shower are cracked and the carpet wet.¬† The height of the cracked paint is up to the chest of a five feet person standing position.¬† The height of the shower positioned in the bathroom is more than the height of a 5 feet person standing plus extra height of¬† five tiles vertical and four tiles horizontal apart from the tiles up to the chin of a 5 feet. The length of the bedroom 2 wall cracked paint is the length of the bathtub.¬† ¬†The height of the bedroom cracked wall paint is lower than the height of the position of shower.¬† Is this a leaking shower issues that wet the bedroom 2 wall and carpet or other issues?

    Landlord request for required inspection of the unit ‚Äď The unit was managed by a real estate agent and strata managing agent at the time the leaking shower was discovered.¬† The landlord was together with the real estate agent at the unit in the last inspection.¬† The leaking shower, bedroom 2 wet carpet and wet wall were not mentioned during the inspection.¬† As far as the landlord recalls it was mentioned by real estate agent by email to landlord after several months.¬† The real estate agent got a quote for¬† the leaking shower.¬† The quote for several thousands¬† was emailed to the landlord.¬† The landlord had cash flow problems at that time and¬† looking for rental vacancy for the current temporary residency.¬† The landlord inquired for better quotes and explanations.¬† ¬†According to several inquiries, the leaking shower, wet carpet and cracked wall paints happened more than six months ago at the time it was informed to the landlord.

    Agreement between tenants landlord/real estate agent ‚Äď At the start of tenancy, the agreement between the tenants, real estate agent/landlord¬† in exchange of lower rental market for the landlord to financially assist the tenants with their cashflow issues,¬† the tenant will be responsible for the future damages of their tenancy and other damages left by the immediate previous tenants.¬† After several months at the current agency at that time,¬† the landlord received messages that the management of the unit was transferred to another real estate agent.

    Landlord insurance ‚Äď The landlord had landlord property insurance at the time of damages.¬† The previous and¬† ¬†the last¬† real estate agent managing agent of the property knew about the landlord property insurance.

    The landlord lives in the property. The landlord stop using the shower so as not to create more damages.  The shower is not used for almost two years now due to health issues, financial cashflow, effect of bushfires and pandemic covid 19 and related matters.  The landlord can still claim under landlord property insurance for damages that occurred before the landlord tenancy in the property.


    Are the damages covered by owners corporation (OC) or strata or insurance of the strata or landlord property insurance or contents insurance.

    Thank you.


    Amanda Farmer

    Hi ebag,

    The question I am most qualified to guide you on here is whether the Owners Corporation is responsible for fixing this apparent leak. I cannot assist in respect of landlord/tenant issues or landlord insurance.

    From your detailed description (thank you), I understand that the wall between the bathroom and bedroom 2 is an ‘internal’ wall – ie: it is not a boundary wall, separating lot property from the common property.

    In that case, the failed waterproofing on an internal wall is the responsibility of the lot owner, not the Owners Corporation. The Owners Corporation’s insurer would not cover this



    Hi Amanda

    Thank you for your reply.

    Kind regards


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