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    Dear Amanda


    The landlord lives in the unit at the incident the hot water unit burst. The hot water unit is under the kitchen sink. It was very hot day around 43 degrees when the hot water unit burst.  In the bathroom the landlord put hot water in the bucket using the hot and cold water tap in the bathtub.  The bucket was filled up and landlord went in the kitchen next to the bathroom.  It was a matter of around two minutes after the bucket was filled up with water then went to the kitchen. There were flowing water  in the kitchen floor.  The landlord contacted the strata immediately. After fifteen minutes waiting for plumber the landlord informed again the strata for quicker attendance because the water flowing fast getting closer to electrical connections.  Strata advised and directed to turn off the source of water.   It took around half an hour for the plumber to attend the site.  The plumber just opened the sink door and said ‘old age’.  He did not fix and investigate the hot water unit.  Instead he started taking out the water from the kitchen floor using the dustpan and throwing in the kitchen sink, told me a receipt to be emailed to me and for me to ring the insurance.  The strata issued the requested letter of denial.  Inquiring also if the hot water unit is under ‘building’ of the strata insurance.  The contents insurance did not provide letter of denial because the contents insurance does not cover hot water unit according to them.  After several months of inquiries and insisting,  the contents insurance provided letter of denial.  Due to personal situation, incidents and related matters of bushfire and pandemic covid 19 there is no hot water unit yet at the unit up to this stage.


    I would like to confirm if the hot water unit is covered/not covered by strata or insurance of the strata.  Thank you

    Amanda Farmer

    Hi ebag,

    A hot water system located wholly within the lot and servicing on the lot is the responsibility of the lot owner.

    HOWEVER, in my experience the Owners Corporation’s building insurer will often cover claims arising from HWS leaks, even where those systems are located within the lot. I am not clear from your description above whether the OC’s insurer was approached for coverage and denied the claim. If not, this may be worth a try.



    Dear Amanda

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for my delayed reply due to personal reasons.

    Kind regards




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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