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    Hello Amanda, et al,

    I’ve submitted motions for an AGM coming up in a few months so i ensure they’re on the agenda in lots of time.

    At an upcoming Strata Committee meeting all my AGM motions are ‘tabled’ under ‘correspondence to determine if any action to be taken’ etc.

    Our Strata Manager has a very lose attitude with what correspondence is tabled and what’s not, eg lawyers’ letters and decisions arising are not ever tabled.  No other GM motions have ever been ‘tabled’ at SC meetings, it’s just that mine were in so early this year that they have plenty of advance notice.

    My Q is why would AGM motions be ‘tabled’ at a SC meeting and what should i be prepared for?

    thank you,



    Hi Miss,

    Very hard question to answer! It would depend on the motions, who the people are etc.

    My guess is they may be discussing it in terms of how to approach it at the meeting when people speak about it. Maybe they plan to address some of the things you raise in the motion, before the meeting, to come along prepared.

    Ultimately, all they are doing by tabling it there is discussing it and those discussions could go any way. I imagine they are just “preparing” (whatever that means for them).

    Amanda Farmer

    Hi Miss,

    It does seem strange to me that they would table motions submitted by an owner well in advance of an AGM. Usually “correspondence” is tabled and I would not necessarily put submitted motions in the category of “correspondence”.

    It would make more sense if they were reviewing the draft notice of AGM and in that capacity, considering all items submitted, making sure everything was in order, etc (as ts1904 says above).

    Strange, but not illegal…



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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