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    Dear Amanda

    Electric stove four plates not working.

    Oven and grill working


    Real estate agent Р(REA)  (A) & (REA) ( B)

    Real estate agent (REA) (B).

    Strata managing agency – (SMA) (C).

    Insurance A (IA)

    Start of tenancy agreement between tenants, real estate agent (A) / landlord ‚Äď At the start of tenancy, the property is managed by a strata managing agency (SMA) (C).¬† The agreement between the tenants, real estate agent (A) /landlord¬† in exchange of lower rental market for the landlord to financially assist the tenants with their cashflow issues,¬† the tenant will be responsible for the future damages of their tenancy and other damages left by the immediate previous tenants.¬† After several months at the current agency at that time,¬† the landlord received messages that the management of the unit was transferred to another real estate agent (REA) (B).

    Landlord property insurance (LPI) ‚Äď The landlord is under insurance A (IA) for around twenty-two (22 yrs)¬† The real estate agent (REA)¬† (A) & (REA)¬† ( B) knew there was landlord property insurance.¬† The landlord started living in the property.¬† It was changed to contents insurance instead of landlord property insurance.¬† The landlord can still claim damages that happened before the tenancy of the landlord in the property.¬† The contents insurance is the same company of the landlord property insurance.¬† The landlord is under the same insurance company for contents insurance for twenty-four years (24th yrs).

    Electric stove РThe  two cords of the electric stove are sealed in a metal and attach to the wall.  It is not a portable electric cooker.  During the tenants tenancy, two of the four  plates were damaged and not working.  The (REA) (A) & (B) knew about it.  The landlord transferred residency at  the property.  The two plates were not working.  During the stay of landlord the third (3rd) plate stop working.  The SMA (C) was informed by email.  No reply up to now.  After several  months, the fourth (4Th)  plate stop working.  The (SMA) (C) was informed by email.  An electric stove technician attended the electric oven.  According to the technician, it was burn the plates.  It needs replacement the whole electric stove.  .  He will also include the kitchen light to be fixed.  The landlord received  email from technician company for  the quotes for replacement of the electric stove and the cost for fixing only the four plates.  Then, the landlord received email from the (SMG) (C) stating that the electric stove is not covered by strata and strata insurance.  The financial cashflow and health   issues, effect of bushfire and pandemic covid 19 and related matters contributed to up to now the four plates of the electric stove are not fix and not working.  The whole electric stove is not replaced.   Currently the landlord is using simple electric portable cooker just to serve the basic purpose.



    Is the electric stove covered by :  strata or owners corporation or landlord property insurance or contents insurance or by others (?)

    Thank you



    Amanda Farmer

    Hi ebag,

    Similar to my earlier answer on your separate but related question, I am only qualified to provide guidance on the question of whether the owners corporation is responsible to cover this loss.

    Unless the problem with the stove is caused by faulty common wiring (wiring that is located on the common property and servicing your lot and possibly others also), the failure of an electric stove within a lot is not the responsibility of the Owners Corporation.



    Hi Amanda

    Thank you for your reply.

    Kind regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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