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    I am in a 12 lot community title in Queensland. I am also on a ‘committee’ of 6, 4 who have formed an ‘alliance’ mainly to stop the committee issuing common property by-law breach notices to one of the 4.

    The 2 of us who are not in the alliance will be going to the Qld BCCM as lot owners to try and have this matter resolved, as these by-law breaches could end up costing the body corporate as a whole a lot of money to repair the damage.

    Our AGM is coming up at the end of November and unless we can get some other lot owners who are interested in the well being of the community onto the committee the future looks dim.

    I am sure this situation has occurred many times so I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how we could approach this?




    Hi  – not sure what you can do. I was told by the CTTT (what used to be in NSW) that they were not there to assist the minority against the majority – even if the majority are in the wrong – unbelievable as were going against strata law. Found no better with NCAT – again support those doing what ever they like, changes to common property, unauthorised works etc. We have a committee that do what ever they like (supported by the strata manger), no committee meetings or notice of them – just somehow make decisions to spend thousands of dollars. Strata manager no better – won’t provide information as to what money is being spent on and why. We just find out by chance when tradies turn up to the building. I do hope you have better luck.

    Amanda Farmer

    Hi charliew,

    I assume you’re asking about recruiting supportive owners to your cause?

    You’ll find this webinar helpful (free to members):

    In respect of the by-law breaches themselves, in NSW it is possible for one lot owner to pursue another lot owner’s by-law breach – you don’t need the owners corporation to do it for you. I understand the same applies in QLD.

    Are the supportive lot owners willing to bring this action if the body corporate won’t?





    Hi Amanda

    Thank you for your reply. The 2 supportive lot owners will stand for committee alongside the 2 of us seeking re election (just have to wait and see what we can do regarding garnering support to vote us all in).

    The 2 of us on the committee who are not in the ‘alliance’ are taking the committee member/lot owner who has breached the by-laws to the Qld BCCM as individual lot owners/occupiers.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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