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    Murphy Brown

    Firstly, what is the proper process to use during a meeting of the Owners of the Strata Plan to censure an office bearer who we believe has failed to exercise due care and diligence?  Specifically, this individual holds the Secretary and Treasurer office bearer roles.  They fail to notify & hold any meetings, make decisions on their own, action them and incur costs, have removed gardens from the common property and behave in an abusive manner to other owners and any committee members who object to this.

    Secondly what would be the process to require future strata committees to meet regularly and to keep records?

    Amanda Farmer

    Hi Murphy Brown,

    I believe I have partially answered this under my earlier post (here for others to reference: https://yourstrataproperty.com.au/qanda/topic/strata-committee-officers-excluding-and-controlling-information/#post-236583)

    Section 45 permits the Owners Corporation, via special resolution in general meeting, to determine that the office is vacated. The vacancy can then be filled by someone new.

    In short: it’s time to gather the support of fellow owners and vote this person out of the picture.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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