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    Dear Amanda,

    Our Strata Scheme has a Development Control Order on the building. Council advised initially that the issues were between the builder/developer and the OC.  The issues have been ongoing now since Dec 2018.  The builder had a private certifier provide a range of documents to Council in May 2020.  Council indicated that further information was to be provided.  Council have now agreed to meet with the builder onsite.  The OC has requested to be in attendance however, Council have advised that it isn’t possible as the meeting is between Council and builder.

    We have asked the builder to advise us on outstanding issues however, there has been no response date (approx 2 weeks ago). We have previously met on a few occasions with the builder and he says that they have done everything possible and Council is being unreasonable.

    My question is how does the OC get to know what are the outstanding issues?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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