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    Amanda Farmer

    Hi YSP members, here is a copy of my paper, which contains the detail of my presentation delivered to strata owners on the evening of 17 Oct. It covers what I think you need to know about the new law, due to commence 30 November.




    Hi Amanda,

    I was at the event on Monday night. Thanks for the great presentation, I think you really hit on each of those topics that are helpful for us as committee members to be on top of.

    One question (I had my hand up but you ran out of time) if we are holding meetings electronically now, how do we elect the committee? I am sure this is covered off somewhere but I’m hoping you have the short cut answer!

    Thanks for sharing your expertise and thanks for setting up this platform for us to learn from you.

    Amanda Farmer

    Hi LouiseOB,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the presentation, thank you.

    Great question, and one that I have had from a few strata managers recently.

    The new legislation makes clear that it is not possible to conduct an election by way of “pre meeting electronic voting”. It specifically excludes elections (see clause 14 of the Regulation here).

    There is no reason you couldn’t elect a committee if you were having an electronic meeting (eg: a meeting using some kind of webinar software). This kind of software permits polls and the like to occur during the course of the meeting, with attendees indicating their preference by entering information in to the online platform. There will be specific software programs designed to cater for strata committee elections I’m sure.

    So the takeaway here is: you can still elect a committee at an electronic meeting, provided the software facilitates that process, but you cannot vote on a committee election prior to a meeting, unlike other matters that can be subject to ‘pre meeting electronic voting’.

    I hope that helps.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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