Peaceful Communities Webinar


Do you have a troublemaker in your apartment building?

You can now watch a video recording of my webinar, where I share my expert tips on how you can use by-laws to combat bad behaviour and restore peace to your strata community.



This is a particularly useful webinar if you are…

  • frustrated by residents who think they can just start renovating their apartment without any communication with the strata committee or strata manager
  • being driven insane by inconsiderate neighbours who think it’s ok to create unreasonable noise, or park wherever they like
  • have a non-responsive strata manager and are ready to take matters in to your own hands
  • feel unsure about legal processes and Tribunal procedure

As a specialist strata lawyer with over 15 years’ experience in strata and community living, I’ve helped many buildings and individual owners resolve chronic problems – simply by more effectively using the by-laws they already have in place. With just a little knowledge of the legal tools and processes available to you, you’ll be able to take confident steps towards eliminating the bad behaviour that’s preventing you from properly enjoying your home or investment.

On this webinar, I share those tools and processes with you in an easy to understand way, with the opportunity for you to ask me questions too.


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