Getting Solar Approved for Your Strata Building Webinar


In this webinar, I’ll be explaining the new legal process for getting solar approved in your strata building AND giving you access to the specific motions and by-law you’ll need for success.

Also, I’ll be answering these excellent questions on the webinar:

  • Do I need approval from the local council as well as the owners corporation for my solar installation? 
  • What is the biggest obstacle for installing solar in strata and how do we overcome it? 
  • If the installation is just for my lot, does the owners corporation still need to comply with the new NSW laws about approving ‘sustainable infrastructure’? 




In this solar webinar, I covered:

  • the new NSW legislation making solar approvals easier for lot owners and owners corporations
  • the 4 things owners corporations MUST consider when approving solar installations
  • a surprising fact about “sustainable infrastructure resolutions”

and more.
Here’s what some of the attendees had to say at the conclusion of the webinar:

“I just want to say a very big thank you! This was very educational and I’m looking forward to bringing this to my committee.” Dean

“Thanks Amanda for addressing my question and thanks for your very good webinar.” – Gwen

“Amanda, Thanks for today – very useful” – Brian


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