Effective Strata Committee Meetings Pro Webinar


How to Ensure Transparent and Fair Committee Decisions Without Conflict Or Confrontation, Even if Your Committee Is Inconsistent or Unresponsive

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Join strata lawyer Amanda Farmer for this LIVE training session.

Amanda will share how you can ensure transparent and fair strata committee decisions without conflict or confrontation, even if your committee (or those you work with) is inconsistent or unresponsive.

During the webinar, you will:

  • gain a thorough understanding of the legal landscape, empowering you to better protect the interests of the entire community and ensure decisions are made in accordance with the law,
  • develop the skills to facilitate better discussions during committee meetings, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring fairer decision-making,
  • learn techniques for drafting effective agendas and minutes that promote transparency and accountability, 
  • be armed with strategies to build stronger, more cooperative relationships with and within the committee, reducing the likelihood of expensive legal disputes and creating more harmonious communities.

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Effective Strata Committee Meetings Pro Webinar (Member only)


Effective Strata Committee Meetings Pro Webinar (Pro Member only)



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