Happy episode 200! 

It has been my pleasure to host this podcast for the past 4 years: bringing you guest experts, answering your most curly strata questions and helping as many people as possible to live more peacefully in apartments.  

This week, I bring you Part 2 of YSP LIVE 2020 (head back to episode 199 for part 1). Reena and I are chatting to three members of our online community as well as answering questions put to us live. We cover:

  • whether ‘global’ renovation works by-laws are a good idea
  • how to tackle a tenant abusing the visitor parking
  • raising money for a multi-million dollar rectification works project
  • protecting strata committee members from personal liability
  • insuring a lot owner’s new kitchen
  • responding to a tenant’s claim for loss arising from lack of air con

and much, much more. 

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