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00:00 — Introduction and Overview
01:04 — What is an owner advocate?
01:52 — Why is it critical for Strata owners to have an owner advocate?
02:49 — Strata legislation can be very complex and overwhelming for many investors
03:24 — Case study around how Kellie helped a client as an owner advocate
05:08 — Examples of safety and security issues that were ignored (and how an owner was bullied by the strata corporation)
06:38 — Even owner advocates have difficulty dealing with building managers
07:24 — How to educate yourself and conduct due diligence as an owner before buying a unit
08:31 — What Wright and Lee can do for you as a strata owner
09:43 — What are the most common challenges owners face with Strata properties and how to overcome them
11:44 — Action steps owners can take to get quick wins when it comes to strata
12:56 — Books that have had a big impact on Kellie and why
15:30 — How listeners can find out more about Kellie Wright
16:23 — Wrap up and thank you

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