017. How To Deal With Noise in Strata Buildings

Stephen Raff of Ace Body Corporate shares his ideas on how strata residents might deal with noise problems.

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Key Points/Timestamps

  • 00:27 – Introduction and Overview
  • 02:16 – Why noise is such a critical issue for Strata residents
  • 04:16 – How does a resident find some peace and quiet in a multi-unit building?
  • 04:59 – How to find out who pays for¬†noise reduction initiatives such as window glazing etc?
  • 06:22 – How to deal with¬†noise coming from different sources (external vs¬†internal sources)
  • 08:00 – A story around how¬†Stephen Raff helped a Strata buildings resolve a¬†noise problem
  • 09:57 – Your lifestyle is too important to be interrupted by noise
  • 10:30 – Stephen Raff on the¬†alternatives¬†to¬†deal with¬†common noise issues
  • Council for Environmental Noise
  • API Environmental office to measure the noise levels
  • Police Action
  • State Tribunal
  • Landscaping and insulated fences
  • Strata Rules and By-Laws
  • 14:13 – First thing a new owner needs to check before moving into strata is check the rules and by-laws:¬†
  • 16:02 – Quick wins listeners can take away¬†to get started with¬†resolving noise problems
  • 18:19 – Stephen Raff¬†Ace Corp’s book which shares the lighter side of strata
  • 21:08 – There is a lot of choice for buildings and owners¬†in terms of strata management as a¬†service
  • 21:42 – Books that have a significant impact with Stephen Raff and why
  • 24:39 -When strata managers¬†say something can’t be done for owners it’s usually because they’re restricted by the act or by regulations
  • 26:03 – Wrap Up and Thank you

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