In this call, I help Greg – an owner and committee secretary – who is having trouble getting various initiatives past his fellow committee members. I point out to him a very handy section of the NSW legislation which grants considerable power to a committee secretary. We also discuss the terms of a “diplomatic” campaign he may embark upon to get owners on board. This call is packed with some very practical tips for energetic, future-focussed owners dealing with an obstructionist committee.

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  1. Amanda , your session with Greg was very interesting and I feel for him with the apathy within his building among some owners & committee members. Greg’s comments at the end are also very true “How do we educate members on the committee.” In small apartment buildings committee members are often made up of owners with their own agenda . Even though I am not on the committee I have taken a special interest in learning as much as possible about our building & attending several free training courses and also Strata 101 education sessions & I suggested that our secretary do likewise. I have been a member of “Your Strata Property” for some time along with couple of other organisations. This apartment is my home, unfortunately our secretary is very powerful , set in his ways and has been unchallenged for many years so much so that no one else has much luck trying to educate him. Because of the apathy within the small number of owner residents in our building who object to spending money let alone subscribing to any associations or members forum like yours . This leaves me so frustrated and stressed out that I am looking at moving back into a small private residence. I truly can’t come to terms with a secretary who is allowed to hold this position and a Strata Management who never have the time to listen to an owner’s concerns other that to say I must report any issues I have to the secretary. Cranleigh

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