Sara has filed an application for the appointment of a compulsory managing agent to her dysfunctional owners corporation. In this call, I help Sara to correct some fatal flaws in her case before it’s too late and show her how to focus on the critical elements to be proven, pursuant to the legislation and case law. 

This is an important discussion for anyone appearing before the Tribunal as a self-represented litigant, whether you are seeking orders for the appointment of a compulsory manager or something different. 

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  1. Thanks Amanda!
    Dear Sarah, I have problems similar to yours they started by our Strata Scheme having a Compulsory Strata Manager in 2008 luckily it was for only 6 months. Two investors decided to appoint them again in 2014 against my wishes because I knew that they left a mess for us to pay to rectify their mess.
    Please remember that a Compulsory Strata Manager is like a Dictator and it can do as it wishes with your strata funds. One example, it can appoint a Debt Collector to collect strata levies that were not even due (like in my case)
    I believe that we need a better system where before the Member makes a ruling people read our documentation that I believe is not happening at the moment.
    I also believe that Fair Trading is a Dysfunctional Regulator.
    Thanks again Amanda!!

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