Philip is a member of an energetic, commercially minded strata committee, in the throes of negotiating a building defects claim with the original builder. Fire safety is the topic of today’s discussion, as I help Philip find a commercial solution to a dangerous problem. I warn him about the risks of the owners corporation doing rectification work itself on the assumption it will recover the cost later, and suggest a practical solution to an incomplete Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS).

I also walk Philip through the process of having a neighbouring tree – dead and dangerous – removed, preferably at the neighbour’s cost.

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  1. Our strata plan has had no luck as yet to remove the neighbour’s ‘melaleuca’ tree that has been damaging our common property drainage and pits at he start. Their argument was that the Council would not remove a healthy, ‘protected’ tree.
    However, further damage to our sewer has now emerged caused by the growing roots of this tree that is known to have aggressive root growth. This tree, a kind ‘paper bark’ is also a fire hazard, yet the Council preserves this.
    There has been a history since 2015 when our agent wrote our neighbours to remove that offensive tree, but has been continuously ignored upon based on the Council’s ruling. The damage to our property seemed to be minimal at that time.
    There is now water seepage in my son’s bedroom that the plumber’s report pointed to the enlarged tree roots that has been cracking the sewer as one of the causes.
    This entails such an exorbitant amount on the OC as the bedroom needs to be stripped and replaced with new tiling.
    I don’t know yet how my lacklustre agent would handle this, given all the documentation about this tree dispute. Everything is also slowed down by our inept SC that keeps on asking the agent for more quotes to fix the plumbing issue insisting on using their own preferred service providers.
    Our strata agent declared itself a trade compliance certifier and yet succumbs to whims and caprices of the SC that gangs up to support the agent’s tenure of management of our strata plan only.
    It is not easy when so many cooks as well as ‘crooks’ are involved. It does spoil the broth.
    The Council is another factor to reckon.
    So here we are, waiting for the crow to turn white, wallowing more in repair and damages from incessant interfering as the remedial action from an accredited strata agent/certifier is forever delayed in dirty politics.

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