Alan moved into his apartment 18 months ago and since then he has heard his upstairs neighbour’s every movement – including their bathroom routine! He has been advised that this relatively new strata building does not comply with the BCA in various respects, including when it comes to proper insulation for soundproofing purposes. In this call, I talk through Alan’s options to restore his peace and sanity, including how he might ensure that his owners corporation votes to act now on a building-wide basis, rather than wait for his Tribunal application.

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  1. A big problem that some people in strata schemes are aware but not Fair Trading is that people are not honest because they know that if they complain about their building it will difficult to sell their Lot that needs plenty of work to be liveable.
    We need Fair Trading to do its job of making sure that we have buildings that are built to last and they do not cause stress, pollution heat….
    Also Fair Trading as a regulator should make sure that people are not ripped off. If the government does not have the money to employ regulators to do their job it should inform us not to expect anything from the government.

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