In this call, I answer Roman’s excellent questions about common strata problems including:

We also discuss why a strata manager’s performance is often only as good as the instructions they are given, and why regular committee meetings are the key to a successful community.

Links and resources mentioned:

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  1. Thanks Amanda and Roman!

    My question, what happens when 2 Lots in a building of 4 did not inform the OC about their bathrooms renovation and there is not documentation about it?
    We have so much Rort in Strata Living and one of them I believe is the yearly fire inspection.
    The Government has to do its job of making sure that we have consumer protection on Strata Living and only qualified people do work on our stratas so we do not need to pay for work that it was not needed or if the work was needed they do not leave the building in a worst condition.

    Thanks again!!

  2. Hi Amanda. Just listened to member call released this week. Is there a technical opportunity to get a transcript for a member call similar to a podcast. As this makes it so easy to copy and paste relevant information to other Strata Committee members.

    1. Thanks YSPNEWBY, as we’ve had a couple of members ask for this now, I’m pleased to say that we are going to implement transcripts for member calls! We will let all members know when the transcripts are up and running.

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