Robert is a newly elected committee member, lumped with the task of dealing with an under-performing strata manager. I help Robert craft a letter to the strata manager, highlighting the manager’s legal duties with reference to their agency agreement and pointing out where they are failing to meet those duties. I also outline the practical steps necessary to bring an unworkable relationship to a graceful end. 

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  1. Thanks Amanda!

    One of your suggestion is not to get emotional when you try to Shine the Light on mismanagement and Rorts going on our Strata Schemes.
    How can you be un emotional when the Strata Manager charges you for services that they are not providing?
    How can a Strata Manager charges with a straight face for a Debt Collector services when the debt collector was not needed? That is only one service that we paid and there is nothing we cannot do because as we all know we do not have consumer protection and some strata managers know about it.

    Thanks again Amanda!!

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