This member call is full of helpful solutions to common strata problems. I show Erik the various paths to successfully deal with:

There’ll be something in this one for everyone. 

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  1. One comment for Erik: We changed our SM a couple of years ago. Be aware that you will have to call an OC meeting yourself (not a committee meeting) to resolve that you will terminate the existing agreement AND appoint a particular alternative. It’s a lot of work AND you need to be very careful with the minutes. We had done the preliminary work so our minutes withstood a challenge by the former SM.

  2. Re mould. An owner of a rented unit wants to claim on strata insurance to rebuild damaged internal cupboards (long-term mould and rot over several years). Their description was that old kitchen taps above the sink were leaking and causing the mould. Nothing has ever been reported to SM or SC. Our view is that the cause was NOT on common property and that the repair of taps, and the damage caused by them, is an owner responsibility. Are we correct?

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