Member call no. 34: Jennifer successfully negotiates a compulsory appointment

READ THIS AFTER you have watched the video…

A few months after our call, Jennifer let me know how everything turned out. I suggest you watch/listen to the call first, then click here to read Jennifer’s email sent to me…

With last week’s podcast episode about compulsory appointments, Jennifer’s member call is timely. In this call, we discuss the progress of Jennifer’s own application for compulsory appointment before the Tribunal, including the evidence I suggest she includes for the best chance of success. I guide her through Tribunal procedure and ensure she knows what to expect at the first directions hearing. 

Jennifer got in touch with me a few months after this call to let me know how it all worked out. There is a link to her note under the video. I suggest: watch the video first, then click through to read what happened next! 

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