Member call no. 29: Dealing with Dan’s noisy neighbours

Dan’s neighbours have installed tiles in their unit above him, without any approval. He has lost his peaceful enjoyment and wants to know what steps he can take to get it back. I walk him through the process of enforcing both a “noise” by-law and pursuing the illegal alteration of the common property, including what needs to be proven before the Tribunal and the importance of obtaining an acoustic report.

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  1. Thanks Amanda
    We had 2 Lots : one with timber flooring and the other one with tiles. The Strata did not approved them because it was never on the Agenda and the same Strata Manager let them through.
    The same people who buy into those places start complaining because they can hear someone whispering on their Lot.
    We need proper legislation from our State Government. Fair Trading is Useless as a Regulator as it has shown time and time again. You have to have lots of money to pay lawyers and years of stress to get anywhere. Look at what is happening to people who want to have a dog in a Strata Scheme, some can do it and others have to fight it in court. The law should be the same for all instead of our only solution is to go to court.

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