Member call no. 26: When major renovation works are carried out without insurance

In this call, Bernadette shares the rather unorthodox management structure for her converted warehouse building. She has discovered that facade works carried out by an owner, but funded by the owners corporation, were not insured. We talk through the fallout, with particular reference to the relevant provisions of the Home Building Act NSW. We also discuss the steps Bernadette would need to take to have common infrastructure (plumbing services) moved from within her lot to the common property.

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  1. Thanks Amanda and Bernadettte for letting us know of her problems.
    This is another failure of some strata managers that it seems like they do not know the Strata Scheme laws or do not care about the damage they are leaving behind.
    Do people in Bernadette’s building pay for other peoples’s use of energy? I know that some people pay for other peoples’ energy in some strata schemes like we do in some strata schemes pay for everyone water use.
    The State government says that they want us to live in a sustainable buildings but they are useless implementing it.
    If you remember the State Government was doing something about it in the 90s but then we are in a situation where wasting our natural resources are the new norm.

    Thanks again!!

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