Heather’s building prevents occupiers keeping pets without the approval of the Owners Corporation and Heather’s request to keep a greyhound has been unreasonably refused. I walk Heather through how she might prove “unreasonableness” under section 157 of the NSW law, including the practical steps she can take immediately to fast track her success. 

I am happy to report that I have since heard from Heather and after she took the steps we discuss in this call, the Owners Corporation approved her request! She is expecting a new family member very soon.

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  1. My impression from the CM refusing Heather’s request to have a pet in her Lot is that the Committee Members believing that they own the building. The OC should be the ones deciding on the matter on their AGM. Also, if one building have the right to have pets all buildings should have the same right.
    According to the Hon. Victor Dominello MP he created section 232 of the Act to get rid of Tyrants (SMH 11/12/2016 , but instead we have more bullies that believe that they own the whole building and the rest have to obey their decisions.

    Thanks Amanda for keeping us informed!

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