Member call no. 23: Achieving common property repairs in a 2-lot scheme

Sandra is an owner in an unusual 2-lot scheme: her unit entitlement is 35 and her neighbour’s is 65. As you can imagine, this is causing some problems, particularly when it comes to the repair and maintenance of common property. In this call, I arm Sandra with the tools she needs to resolve moisture ingress in her home, as well as to respond to her neighbour’s unreasonable demand that she prune a tree that is apparently encroaching on the common property. 

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  1. Thanks Amanda!!

    The part I don’t like is the part of going from a Dictator to another one in the form of Compulsory Strata Manager. Like I had previously posted we did not have a problem in our strata before the CTTT appointed a Compulsory Strata Manager for 6 months and the result was un necessary and shonky work.
    As we all know if something goes wrong we do not have anywhere to go to get justice.
    Thanks again for highlithing the problems we are facing!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for a great members call as always!

    Under s74 of the SSMA 2015, owners of a 2-lot scheme can unanimously resolve to not have a capital world fund plan, if their scheme fits within the criteria of subsection 5.

    Kind regards,


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