In this call, I’m helping Terry with what is (in my experience) an unusual application: for an order varying levies on the grounds that they are excessive. Terry’s building recently resolved a 48% increase in levies and Terry believes the increase should have been half that. I give Terry my tips for ensuring his application has the best chance of success, including what evidence he should file and how he should prepare and deliver his submissions. Even if you’re not planning a similar application any time soon, this call provides valuable general guidance on the preparation and presentation of Tribunal applications.

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  1. I believe that the best auditor on a Strata Scheme are owners who live in the building and know what kind of repairs have been done on it.
    If Fair Trading wants to be Fair to Strata Home Owners if has to change its system. I had experienced the CTTTT and the NCAT and my feelings was that the Members did not bother to read the documentation that it was presented to them.
    Probably I am too cynical but the more unhappy people in Strata Schemes the more money on Stamp duties the Government gets from people who sell because they are bullied out or the levies are astronomical without any showing any good happening to the Strata Scheme.

    Thanks Amanda!!

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