In this call, Stefan explains the various problems he has been having with his strata committee, including ineligible people elected to the committee, unauthorised work on the common property, failure to comply with the provisions of the NSW legislation, defamatory publications and more. I explain the level of dysfunction the Tribunal needs to see before making an order appointing an administrator and divesting the Owners Corporation and committee of their powers, including why some applications are successful and others are not. 

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  1. If you want to have a compulsory strata manager managing your strata scheme please make sure that you have a company who looks after everyone’s interest . My experience is that they behave like they are Dictators who did not have to answer to anyone. Result: shonky and unnecessary work.
    The problem is not some Strata Manager and committee members but what Fair Trading let them do to us by not investigating past history of what is going on in a strata scheme when we complain, we know that we do not have consumer protection in this state.
    Thanks Amanda for keeping us informed!!

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