Member call no. 12: Khristina deals with a surprise change of plans for an owner’s bathroom renovation

Khristina is a committee member in her Sydney strata scheme. An owner’s partially complete bathroom renovation has come to a standstill due to additional work being identified. The committee has been left in a state of confusion over whether this additional work constitutes repair and maintenance, or improvement and enhancement. The owner suggests it’s repair work that the Owners Corporation is therefore responsible to carry out. I help Khristina work through this tricky problem, including answering her questions:

  • what is the difference between repair/maintenance and renovation/improvement/enhancement?
  • are current owners responsible for unauthorised renovations carried out by former owners?
  • how do sections 108 and 142 of the Act work together in practice? 
  • how does the committee resolve this issue sensitively with owners who are elderly and part-way through an already stressful renovation? 

and more.

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