022. How To Manage Small Strata Blocks – With Melissa Macpherson

This week, Melissa Macpherson of The Small Block Strata Company shares her insights on the unique aspects of managing small strata blocks.

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  1. Hi Melissa and Amanda, Thank you for including this discussion about small strata communities. Each of the points raised resonated with me, being an SMA in a rural city where my largest complex is 38 and many are of 2-8 villas. They are not buildings where people rarely meet each other except in a lift. They live across the central driveway or next door just like suburbia. The issue of the impact that a non-paying owner on the overall finances was nicely handled as was your discussion about the Baby Boomers downsizing from a 4 bedroom house or farm to a 2 bedroom villa. The learning curve for these people is steep and I relish the opportunities these schemes give to educate owners on their new lifestyle environment.
    Thank you, I really enjoyed this podcast.

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