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YSP Podcast Episode 237. Will “Build to Rent” Disrupt the Strata Sector?

Adam Hirst of Mirvac joins me to explain “Build to Rent” – in particular, Australia’s first renter-only apartment community, LIV Indigo at Sydney Olympic Park. Adam explains the attraction of this unique model. Could it possibly be the complete absence of strata governance structures and strata title legislation? Surely not…

YSP Podcast Episode 221. How to avoid a renovation disaster

This week, Reena and I cover: unusual renovations: how is the committee to know if an owner is complying with all legal requirements?how to stop residents using the visitor parkingwhen the new strata manager takes over a little too soon (before they are even appointed)your access to up-to-date strata data

YSP Podcast Episode 212. New strata laws finally commence in Western Australia

This week, I have the pleasure of Mark Atkinson’s company. The director of Atkinson Legal in Western Australia, Mark has been at the forefront of strata law reform in the state – a massive 24-year undertaking. Amendments to the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA) commenced on 1 May 2020. Mark summarises the key changes for us and…

YSP Podcast Episode 208. Finally, an accreditation for fire safety practitioners

Rob Broadhead of 2020 Fire Protection joins me with an update on the accreditation scheme (almost) in place for fire safety practitioners. * To quote Rob, his industry is now moving from “ragtag bunch of tradies” to “accredited professionals”. When we’re dealing with fire safety, that is indeed a welcome change. We also discuss the impact…

YSP Podcast Episode 206. Resilience and leadership during a crisis

This week, I’m bringing you the conversation that I had with Heidi Dening over on our Facebook Page during last Friday’s “Happy Hour”. Heidi shared her top tips for building personal and organisational resilience during challenging times, including identifying those who will rise and thrive when the current crisis is over. As you’ll hear, we…

YSP Podcast Episode 195. Mouldy clothes | CMS changes | approval for solar panels

In our first co-hosted episode of 2020, Reena and I get stuck into these curly questions: whether an owners corporation should reimburse an owner $5,000 for ‘mouldy clothing’ arising from water ingress why you must move quickly when registering changes to a CMS how to deal with illegal installations on common property, and a controversial…