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YSP Podcast Episode 258. Reputation management for strata managers

This week I’m chatting with PR guru Elizabeth Heusler. Elizabeth shares: how our strata managers can “kill it or win it” in their very first communication with uswhy saying sorry is a learned skill, not a natural abilityhow our strata buildings can improve their reputations and increase their attractiveness in the market, from the inside…

YSP Podcast Episode 256. Can the staff of a commercial lot use the pool?

This week, Reena and I cover: how to ensure 40+ staff working from a commercial lot do not overrun resident facilities such as the swimming poolthe owner who found historical OC approval for their balcony enclosure in 40-year-old local council recordsNSW’s new pet laws, and how to have your saythe building that made an exception…

YSP Podcast Episode 253. Can I force my building to have a meeting in person?

Reena and I call out a downside of the electronic age: are committees ‘silencing’ owners by insisting on pre-meeting electronic voting for every meeting? We also discuss: the building that turned a blind eye to illegal alterations, now having to unravel the results when a strata loan can save the dayThursday’s by-law webinar: secure your spot here

YSP Podcast Episode 252. Strata marketing 101 – Hedley Swann

Hedley Swann of Strata Next joins me this week, sharing: the big mistakes strata managers are making with their marketingthe real problem owners want a strata manager to solvehow the decision to serve a smaller market will guarantee you greater success

YSP Podcast Episode 251. Why are pet bans still being enforced?

Despite the NSW Court of Appeal invalidating a by-law banning pets months ago, strata committees are continuing to enforce these by-laws. What are their chances of success and what can would-be pet owners do in the face of a ban? Plus, Reena and I discuss: the owner who won’t take responsibility for the spa on his…

YSP Podcast Episode 246. Tree roots | insurance valuations | fence dispute win

No strangers to difficult times, Reena and I hit the ground running with this episode. We’re covering: the rights of a tenant when tree roots damage a sewer and cause flooding from that most undesirable of sources: the toiletthe building with a diminishing valuation and a novel offer from a valuerwhy compulsory appointments won’t give…

YSP Podcast Episode 237. Will “Build to Rent” Disrupt the Strata Sector?

Adam Hirst of Mirvac joins me to explain “Build to Rent” – in particular, Australia’s first renter-only apartment community, LIV Indigo at Sydney Olympic Park. Adam explains the attraction of this unique model. Could it possibly be the complete absence of strata governance structures and strata title legislation? Surely not…

YSP Podcast Episode 221. How to avoid a renovation disaster

This week, Reena and I cover: unusual renovations: how is the committee to know if an owner is complying with all legal requirements?how to stop residents using the visitor parkingwhen the new strata manager takes over a little too soon (before they are even appointed)your access to up-to-date strata data