The Strategic Strata Litigator

During our time together, I’ve revealed the following:

the 5 most common mistakes self-represented strata owners are making with their NCAT applications,
the unique role that costs and insurance have to play in strata litigation and why they can direct the outcome of a case,
how best to avoid getting trapped in the litigation web altogether,

and more.

Effective Strata Committee Meetings Pro Webinar – Replay

The No. 1 Thing is…

A properly functioning strata committee. 

And properly functioning strata committees have regular and efficient…

…strata committee meetings.

I’ll be sharing how you can ensure transparent and fair strata committee decisions without conflict or confrontation, even if your committee (or those you work with) is inconsistent or unresponsive.

Pro Webinar: Bots in the Block – Replay

Together with special guest expert Daniel Borin of the MaxSoft Group, I shared how strata managers can use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to deliver a better service to their clients, and overworked committee members can lessen their load.

How to Set Up a Successful Virtual Team Pro Webinar – Replay

Struggling with staff?

Ready to embrace the thriving world of virtual teams?

This 60 min webinar is for strata managers wanting to learn more about setting up and managing a “virtual” (or offshore) team, from colleagues who are already successfully managing their own, so you can run an efficient back – or front! – office while you focus on stepping up into the position of trusted professional advisor.

Strata lawyer Amanda Farmer and special guests will cover:

– why they made the decision to go virtual and never looked back
– how they train and manage a virtual team
– the 3 biggest mistakes you can make with a virtual team and how to avoid them,

and more, including answers to your questions asked live on the webinar.

[1 elective CPD hour]

How to use By-Laws to Restore Peace to your Strata Community

In our short time together, I covered:

the 4 mistakes communities are making when it comes to their by-laws
what makes a great by-law and what should be avoided when drafting new by-laws
the legal enforcement process
recent Tribunal and court cases dealing with by-laws

and much more.

How to Add Value to Your Strata Common Property Webinar

In our short time together, I covered how to:

legally convert unused or unloved common property into valuable spaces for enjoyment or sale
upgrade run-down areas including bin rooms and bin bays
successfully submit a development application to the local council
handle objections from owners and avoid disputes that end up in costly litigation,
and much more.

The Smooth Moves Webinar

During the webinar, I shared my guidance for how to effectively manage the move-in/out process in strata, plus some helpful resources you can implement in your communities right away. We also heard from NSW EPA representatives on how to reduce waste and prevent illegal dumping.

The Nuances of Notices to Comply Pro Webinar – Replay

On yesterday’s Pro Member Webinar, I walked members through my step-by-step process for completing a valid Notice to Comply with a by-law and demonstrated how to craft a winning penalty application before the NSW Tribunal, including:

why you should be worried if an owner ‘goes quiet’ after being served with a Notice to Comply
how my lot-owner client forced their owners corporation into an embarrassing position
a surprising aspect of the by-law compliance process for community schemes
what it means to “begin with the end in mind”,

and so much more, including your very own Webinar Workbook.

Bulletproof Books and Records Pro Webinar – Replay

In this webinar, Amanda covers: the 3 biggest mistakes strata managers are making when it comes to record-keeping for their clients the pitfalls lurking in our strata legislation that make proper records management such a difficult task the building that had to pay $10,000 to resolve a dispute about records – and what you can…

Better Buildings Webinar (Members Only) Learn how a properly functioning strata committee can dramatically improve your experience of apartment living. In this webinar, we’ll cover: Proper election procedures for strata committees The duties of the committee and its office holders Correct committee meeting procedure Transparent and legal committee decision making Effective communication between the committee, owners and the strata…