Better Buildings Webinar (Members Only)

Learn how a properly functioning strata committee can dramatically improve your experience of apartment living. In this webinar, we’ll cover: Proper election procedures for strata committees The duties of the committee and its office holders Correct committee meeting procedure Transparent and legal committee decision making Effective communication between the committee, owners and the strata manager […]

Shared Space: Reena Van Aalst and Gordon Streight – The Smart Way to Add Value

  In this session, Reena shares: how to avoid common renovation works pitfalls why it’s up to YOU to impress the strata manager you want to work with how to answer the emotional arguments put forward by owners who don’t want to invest in improving the common property…   In this session, Gordon shares: the […]

Member call No. 16: 7 excellent questions from strata manager Donovan

Assistant strata manager Donovan had been saving up all the ‘hard’ questions for just this call! The call is jam-packed with practical information for strata managers and committee members alike, including my answers to Donovan’s questions about by-law enforcement, committee meetings, defects warranty periods, subdividing common property and more.

Member call no. 20: Demystifying BMCs with strata manager Andrew

  In this call, I answer strata manager Andrew’s excellent questions about: whether NSW community associations can impose blanket bans on the keeping of animals how building management committees and strata management statements work what avenues NSW buildings have if they have an underperforming strata manager.   This is a very ‘hands on’ call filled […]

246. Tree roots | insurance valuations | fence dispute win     No strangers to difficult times, Reena and I hit the ground running with this episode. We’re covering: the rights of a tenant when tree roots damage a sewer and cause flooding from that most undesirable of sources: the toilet the building with a diminishing valuation and a novel offer from a […]

264. A strata manager’s guide to engaging a strata lawyer     In answer to a listener question, Reena shares her best practice tips for owners corporations engaging strata lawyers, including how to ensure expectations are set and met and owners are not overcharged. Plus I share a recent client win in a ‘pets case’, one which should have arrived much earlier than […]

265. 4 steps to a successful strata mediation     Mediation is something most owners, committee members and managers are likely to experience at some point in their strata journey. In this episode, I share my tips for a successful mediation, including: how to find out if you need to mediate at all why I don’t file supporting documents with a […]

266. Committee member tag team & beware outdated agency agreement     Reena discovers an experienced strata management company relying on an out-of-date template agency agreement and I remind committees that co-owner ‘tag teams’ are not on.   Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Section 34 – Acting members of strata committee – Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) Section 31 – Subsection […]

277. The $800 leak fixed for $2.5m: how we’re getting strata remed     When it comes to waterproofing, Ross Taylor is a man who can “see leaks on the drawings”. He’s working closely with the NSW government to ensure our future apartment buildings are a little more watertight than they have been so far. But in today’s conversation, we tackle a different issue: why […]