The emails you wish you’d never sent

A NSW strata manager has been ordered to pay $35,000 in damages to a committee member defamed by three emails the strata manager sent ahead of an AGM. In this episode, I lead you through the key findings in the case, including why the form of an email might matter just as much as its content, and why ignoring the “troublesome” is always a risky move.

How to Speak with Confidence in Strata – with Cat Matson

It’s often the role of our strata managers to communicate complex information to the inexperienced. Strata owners can become frustrated by a lack of clear communication or explanation from their strata manager about an important issue. Cat Matson, the CEO of Impactful Presenters, joins me this week to explain where our managers might be going wrong, and how we ALL might communicate more effectively, especially in high-conflict situations.

Strata managers: you advise, they decide

Why are some strata owners telling me that their strata manager is making decisions they do not support?

What is the “advise vs decide dichotomy”?

These questions answered and more, in today’s short episode.

Dr Alex Morris: The Reality of Virtual Meetings

In this session, Dr Alex shares: why we need to communicate differently online what we’re missing when we don’t interact face to face how to enjoy the best of both worlds: online and face to face how to structure your meeting agenda for best results… Links and resources for this Summit Session: Receive your invitation…

Charles Vogl: The Art of Community

In this session, Charles shares: how we motivate others to participate in our communities the importance of a proper welcome why strata committees need a “trust bank” why it’s essential for our communities to create and protect a “strong core”…   Links and resources for this Summit Session: Receive your invitation to the 2021 Shared…

258. Reputation management for strata managers     This week I’m chatting with PR guru Elizabeth Heusler. Elizabeth shares: how our strata managers can “kill it or win it” in their very first communication with us why saying sorry is a learned skill, not a natural ability how our strata buildings can improve their reputations and increase their attractiveness in…